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As the leading workforce solutions provider in the midwest, ATC are now delivering high quality non-qualification-based training programs. We run public programs every month that are open for any business to attend. Once you have experienced the quality of the program, we are confident you will want to look at taking it inside your business. We can customise any of these programs to suit your needs. Please  contact us to learn more on:


Prod Cover If you do what you have done, you will get what you have always gotten. So you need to change your behaviour if you want a new result. Develop the right attitudes, the habit of thinking, towards personal productivity. You are the creator of time. Learn the difference between being EFFECTIVE and being EFFICIENT.  Recognise high payoff activities in your working day.  Understand why, what and how to delegate.  Learn how to best handle interruptions.  Develop a goal orientated work day.





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Whether you are in BUSINESS to BUSINESS or BUSINESS to CONSUMER sales, it’s all still HUMAN to HUMAN. Walk away from this training with the understanding and motivation to build long-term, value-based relationships with your customers. Be the catalyst of sales success within your organisation. Be the best you can be and achieve great things with the strategies this course unravels. We promise you at some stage throughout this session….the penny will drop. So get R.E.L.A.X.E.D. and be prepared to walk out a whole new sales person!






Who is the Director of First Impressions in your company? You do have one, right? They may not have that exact title, however, that’s what they really are! In some businesses, it could be the person who answers the phone. In others, the person behind the counter or a greeter in a store. That person, whoever they may be, holds in their hands the ability to delight or disappoint your customer. How that first interaction is handled will determine your business impression.