Your Obligations

As an Apprentice Host you are responsible to:

  • Provide placement and training for the apprentice/trainee provided that they meet the requirements for the position for a period of no less than 3 months and up to the full term of training.
  • Provide direct supervision of the apprentice/trainee in training, work practice and discipline according to the standards of the Apprentice Host.
  • Provide supervision and safety equipment for the apprentice/trainee at the required OH&S levels.
  • Allow the apprentice/trainee any necessary absence as required for the apprentice/trainee to attend the training course associated with the apprenticeship/traineeship. The Apprentice Host is to sight the apprentice/trainee RTO Attendance Card each time the apprentice/trainee has attended the RTO.
  • Allow the apprentice/trainee stand-down time to meet the requirements of a workplace based assessment conducted in the workplace by the RTO providing assessment.
  • Provide ATC, on a weekly basis, time sheets indicating hours worked and other allowances, either as part of the award, or company based.
  • Pay within 7 days the weekly invoice submitted for recovery of wages and other on costs.
  • Not place the wage records of the apprentice on the Apprentice Host wage records.
  • Provide an appropriate and adequate Public Liability Insurance Policy to cover any contingency with the apprentice/trainee and shall produce a copy of such a policy on request by an ATC Industry Consultant.
  • Where the Apprentice Host wishes to employ an apprentice or trainee placed by ATC prior to the completion of the training agreement or placement, a fee will be charged.
  • Assist in identifying issues which impact on satisfactory progression of necessary training and refer them to the ATC Field Officer for follow-up action.
  • Be responsible for safeguarding and supervising the apprentice/trainee and shall comply with all relevant legislation and regulation.
  • Placement is subject to the acceptance of apprenticepower Terms and Conditions.