Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice or Trainee

Help ensure the long-term success of your business

Apprenticeship training utilises the skills and knowledge of the more experienced members of your team. It can also provide a succession plan for workers approaching retirement, retaining their expertise within your business.

Give existing staff new skills

When your existing staff are involved in training the apprentice or trainee, they have the opportunity to learn new skills in training and supervision.

Benefits of hiring through ATC vs direct employment

We understand your industry and know what you need from an apprentice or trainee.

1. We recruit

We have many years of experience in recruitment and through a combination of our networks and advertising, we will find the right person for the job, saving you the time and costs of recruitment. Of course, the final decision is yours. ATC can even structure a new apprenticeship to match the skill requirements of your industry or business.

2. We add flexibility

The length of the apprentice or trainee placement can be flexible to suit your changing business needs. ATC can offer apprentices from a mix experience levels from 1st, 2nd, 3rd to 4th year.  They can be full-time, part-time or school-based, depending on what suits your business. The apprentice or trainee will receive ongoing support in work placement and training until they qualify.

3. We take care of the training together

You provide the supervised, on-the-job training. We arrange and monitor their off-the-job vocational training and ensure it is ongoing until they achieve their qualification. ATC closely monitors each placement to be certain the required progress is being achieved.

We do all the liaison with the WA regulatory body and with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) from registration through to qualification.

4. We handle employment responsibilities.

ATC will manage all employment requirements including Workcover and industrial relations issues. We manage all the paperwork connected with the placement including payroll administration, monitoring and management.

5. We provide mentoring.

ATC Industry Consultants manage the performance of your apprentice or trainee with regular on-the-job mentoring. They also support you by ensuring your business is getting the optimum value from this placement.

What We Do For You

As a host employer all you have to do is provide supervised on-the-job training, ensure a safe and healthy work environment and pay a fortnightly invoice for only the hours the apprentice or trainee was in your workplace. ATC takes care of the rest!

ATC provides:

  • All your recruitment needs – advertising, pre-selection and placement
  • All employment responsibilities, including industrial relations issues
  • Payroll administration
  • Enrolment at Registered Training Providers (RTOs)
  • Regular monitoring and reporting on training
  • On-the-job performance reviews
  • Counselling and advice
  • Management of records and reporting
  • Uniforms & personal safety equipment
  • Police checks where appropriate
  • A dedicated Industry Consultant for the term of the training
  • Tailored training programs that are industry and sector-specific
  • Arranging and monitoring on and off-the job training
  • Acting as consultants and trouble shooters for host employees and apprentices and trainees
  • Arranging rotations to various employers to broaden training opportunities
  • Counselling and caring for apprentices and trainees where appropriate
  • Assessing workplaces for health and safety compliance

Host Employer Billing Costs

As the direct employer of the apprentice or trainee, ATC is responsible for the statutory obligations and costs of an employer. Prior to referral we calculate and quote you an hourly billing rate to recover these costs. Your business will receive a fortnightly invoice for only the hours the apprentice/trainee was in your workplace allowing you to accurately cost jobs and providing transparent costs for budgeting.

Costs recovered include:

  • Annual leave and leave loading
  • Sick leave, public holidays and Picnic days
  • Workers Compensation
  • Superannuation
  • Bereavement leave

The hourly rate charged to the Host Employer is GST exclusive – there are NO additional charges levied except additional award provisions where applicable eg: Meal or Travel Allowances.

Your Obligations

As an Apprentice Host you are responsible to:

  • Provide placement and training for the apprentice/trainee provided that they meet the requirements for the position for a period of no less than 3 months and up to the full term of training.
  • Provide direct supervision of the apprentice/trainee in training, work practice and discipline according to the standards of the Apprentice Host.
  • Provide supervision and safety equipment for the apprentice/trainee at the required OH&S levels.
  • Allow the apprentice/trainee any necessary absence as required for the apprentice/trainee to attend the training course associated with the apprenticeship/traineeship. The Apprentice Host is to sight the apprentice/trainee RTO Attendance Card each time the apprentice/trainee has attended the RTO.
  • Allow the apprentice/trainee stand-down time to meet the requirements of a workplace based assessment conducted in the workplace by the RTO providing assessment.
  • Provide ATC, on a weekly basis, time sheets indicating hours worked and other allowances, either as part of the award, or company based.
  • Pay within 7 days the weekly invoice submitted for recovery of wages and other on costs.
  • Not place the wage records of the apprentice on the Apprentice Host wage records.
  • Provide an appropriate and adequate Public Liability Insurance Policy to cover any contingency with the apprentice/trainee and shall produce a copy of such a policy on request by an ATC Industry Consultant.
  • Where the Apprentice Host wishes to employ an apprentice or trainee placed by ATC prior to the completion of the training agreement or placement, a fee will be charged.
  • Assist in identifying issues which impact on satisfactory progression of necessary training and refer them to the ATC Industry Consultant for follow-up action.
  • Be responsible for safeguarding and supervising the apprentice/trainee and shall comply with all relevant legislation and regulation.